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Texas State - Traditions Font Wrap

Texas State - Traditions Font Wrap

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Our Texas State University Traditions Styrofoam Cup – the ultimate tribute to Bobcat pride and the cherished customs that make Texas State a symbol of spirit and tradition!

Crafted with bold maroon ink and adorned with iconic symbols like Boko the Bobcat and the TXST logo, this cup is more than just drinkware – it's a celebration of the unique heritage and camaraderie that define life as a Bobcat.

Made from durable styrofoam, these cups are as resilient as the Bobcat spirit, ensuring that they can handle even the rowdiest celebrations with ease.

So, whether you're chanting "Eat 'em up, Cats!" with the crowd, celebrating a graduation, or simply soaking up a beautiful night with friends and loved ones, do it with a sense of pride and tradition that's as big as the Lone Star State itself. Here's to Texas State University, to cherished traditions, and to our beloved Bobcats – because in Bobcat Country, every sip is a celebration of excellence and unity! Eat 'em up, Cats! 🐾🟡🏈

16 oz Styrofoam Cups Each Qty 1 equals 25 Cups
This is a wrap design. The image continues around the cup unbroken.

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