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Mahjong with Mah Girls FF

Mahjong with Mah Girls FF

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Our "Mahjong with Mahgirls" Frost Flex Washable Cups – the ultimate accessory for your tile-tapping escapades with your favorite Mahjong mavens!

Crafted with durable, washable plastic, this cup is more than just drinkware – it's the MVP of your game nights, keeping your refreshments at arm's reach while you strategize your next move.

Whether you're calling "Pung!" or "Kong!" with the finesse of a Mahjong maestro, this cup ensures that your victory sips are always on point, without a single tile out of place.

Made for endless rounds of laughter and endless cups of fun, our Mahjong with Mahgirls cup is here to elevate your game night experience to legendary status. So, gather your Mahjong squad, grab your tiles, and let the Mahjong madness begin!

With our washable plastic cup by your side, every game is a win, every sip is a success, and every moment is a memory you'll cherish with your Mahjong crew. Cheers to Mahjong with Mahgirls – where every tile tells a tale, and every cup brings joy! 🀄🥤🎉

Our Frost Flex Cups are sold in Sleeves of 10 16oz cups.
They are top-rack dishwasher safe and recyclable.
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