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Driveway Drink

Driveway Drink

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Why settle for a mundane cup when you can sip in style, right from the comfort of your very own curb?

Crafted from sturdy styrofoam, this cup is as reliable as your neighbor's lawn care routine (or lack thereof). Whether you're sipping on a "Pavement Punch" or a "Sidewalk Spritzer," our cup keeps your beverage chilled and your spirits high – just like your property value.

So, next time you're enjoying a moment of curbside contemplation, make sure you're armed with the "Driveway Drink" Styrofoam Cup – because why limit happy to an hour when you can make every moment a celebration? Cheers to driveway delights and suburban sips!

16 oz Styrofoam Cups Each Qty 1 equals 25 Cups

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